Arts & Entertainment

Legal Services for visual and performing artists, arts organizations, curators, writers, filmmakers, and related businesses.

Fashion & Beauty

Legal services for designers, models, artists, and related businesses in the fashion, apparel, footwear, accessories, and beauty industries.

Nonprofits & Benefit Corporations

Legal services for non-profits, benefit corporations, and social impact enterprises.

Lifestyle Brands & Influencers

Legal services for creatives, designers, influencers, athletes, lifestyle brands, and related businesses.

Disputes & Litigation

Dispute resolution and litigation for creatives, artists, athletes, designers, and organizations.

Design & New Media

Legal services for designers and design firms in the tech, start-up, social media, and new media space.

onGoing Subscription Services

Access to legal services on a monthly basis…only what you need.

onGoing Subscription Services allow you to pay a monthly fee for legal services based on your budget and your legal needs:

  • Have a question?
  • Need a contract reviewed?
  • A contract drafted?
  • A license agreement reviewed?
  • A license agreement drafted?
  • Need to manage your intellectual property assets?
  • Need to manage multiple contracts, licenses, and collaboration agreements?
  • Need a General Counsel?

onDemand Flat Fee & Project Fees

Predictable legal fees on a project-by-project basis…only when you need them.

onDemand Flat Fee & Project Fees allow you to pay for legal services based on your specific legal needs:

  • Business Strategy & Risk Analysis Sessions
  • Business Formation
  • Custom Contract Suite
  • Website Policy Suite
  • Social Media Policy Suite
  • Copyright & Trademark Applications
  • Contract & Payment Disputes
  • Copyright Infringement Disputes
  • Litigation Analysis

onHand Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Offensive dispute resolution and litigation services…only for the thorniest of issues.

onHand Dispute Resolution & Litigation services are available when you need to resolve complicated issues: 

  • Pre-litigation
    • Cease & Desist Letters
    • Demand Letters
    • Settlement Negotiations
  • Litigation
    • Court Filings
    • Motions Practice
    • Written & Oral Discovery
    • Negotiations & Mediation
    • Trial
    • Post-Trial Motions Practice